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Welcome, I'm delighted you've stopped by. 

Have you noticed that life is all about decisions? Something prompted you to join me here. Perhaps you have a deep desire to  understand yourself more. Maybe you're burnt out, experiencing limitation and not sure which way to turn, searching with these burning questions...
"Who am I? Why am I like this? Where do I go next?"

Working with Human Design, I can help you to find the answers to these questions, to align to your true nature and to make decisions that you can trust. You have a reliable guidance system within you. You just need help accessing it. 

In Human Design, we call it your Strategy & Authority. 


I have been working with Human Design for 6 years, guiding primarily Generators and Manifesting Generators.  I am designed to empower you to discover your own unique way of being. Would you like to  -

Hi, I’m Alannah.

Tune into more satisfaction and peace in your life
Trust the wisdom of your own experience 
Embrace who you truly are

It's a journey of self-discovery. One that requires patience, kindness and self-acceptance. We need support in the process. Thankfully there is help from those of us just a bit further down the path. 

​Now is the time. Are you ready? 


"After just one session, I came away with

a wealth of insight into my deepest nature. Alannah provided the practical tools I needed to start acting on these insights to bring my authentic self into everyday life. The transformation is both powerful and ongoing."

Yanique Bird
Project Manager

"Alannah is gifted in her abilities to use Human Design to help you find your own beautifully unique way to be in this world."

Jodi Dool
Business Owner

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