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Would you like to go deeper into Human Design? 

Living Your Design (LYD) is the place to start.  It is an opportunity for you to connect more deeply with your inner guidance system, study how the energy works uniquely in your body and learn alongside others in an empowering & supportive way. 

During this foundational class, you will receive practical ways for you to find your authentic response to the decisions you make in your life. Over time, you learn to trust your personal authority. You also start to notice the untrue stories your mind tells you. 

  • Foundations of Human Design

  • Living as a Generator - What is response?

  • Following Your Authority - How do you make a decision?

  • Other Types: Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors

  • Pressure Centers: Head & Root

  • Awareness Centers: Spleen & Ajna

  • Awareness & Motor Center: Solar Plexus

  • Motor Centers: Sacral & Heart

  • Identity & Manifestation Centers: G & Throat

  • Definition (Single, Split, Triple Split, Quad Split & No Definition)


"I so appreciated the safe and encouraging space that you held
throughout the entire program. I love who you 'be' - walking your talk whilst beautifully guiding the group through the content and also allowing for spontaneous discussion. I would do this same program with you all over again!!! THANK YOU!!"

Mari Smith
The Queen of Facebook


Would you like to join us?

We’ll be gathering for 10 weeks in a small group so that we can hold space for each person to ask questions & integrate their experience. There are only 6 places available. 

Next class to begin in February 2023.
If you would like to be notified of the next class, please let me know. 

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