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Human Design 1/3 Profile

In Human Design, I’m a 1/3 profile. Profiles in Human Design reveal the role we play in life, when operating correctly. It’s another piece of the puzzle of understanding and accepting just how unique you are.

One of the themes of the 3rd line is bonds made and broken. When I first learned about this, a deep sense of relief moved through my system. I finally was able to understand the relational patterns of my life. I am continually making and breaking bonds, so that my individuality doesn't get lost in the relating and I can see the relationship from a new perspective.

How does it feel to break a bond? I can feel my energy pull back, my sacral shutting down, a sense of the need to retreat, away from the other. Before Human Design, my mind would fearfully think it meant something was wrong with me or with the relationship. Sometimes there is something that needs to be addressed. But many times it’s just me needing to be with my own experience, to follow my introspective nature and see what I discover. As a 1/3, I need a lot of time alone.

Adaptation is also part of being a 3rd line. We adapt, adapt, adapt. Then there comes a point in any relationship in which I know that if I adapt one millimeter more, I will forget who I am for myself.

Breaking the bond only becomes a problem when I am looking for the ideal bond, the bond that never breaks. When operating correctly, breaking the bond is just taking a break.

Sometimes breaking the bond feels just fine, other times it feels really rough. Then I go through a process of reviewing the whole foundation of it - what is this relationship? Who is this person in my life? If there’s something that needs to be addressed, I do that if I feel emotionally clear. If not then I accept it and re-establish the bond. Or it can become clear that I'm not available for the relationship anymore and I need to let it go. No relationship is perfect. Each comes with its particular set of pleasures and challenges. It’s just a question of - is this the correct person for me to experience it with? Regularly breaking the bond ensures my correctness.

Breaking the bond is the only way for the 1/3. Breathing & not knowing why. Not knowing if you love the other or not, opening yourself up to the possibility that you don’t love the other or they don’t love you for who you are - this is what keeps love & truth in pace with each other.” - Alokanand Diaz

Contrary to so much of our conditioning, we are not meant to live in a permanent relational state. The founder of Human Design said that “no attraction can be permanently maintained.” It’s more about attuning to where the energy wants to flow and aligning to that. Sometimes that leads to breaking the bond, if only temporarily and then re-engaging when it’s correct for both people. To come together & move apart is just the natural relational flow. If we are bonded, it does not mean I am any less of an individual. The bond is because my life is enriched by your presence.

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