What is Human Design?

On the surface Human Design is very simple. And the simple is the most profound.

Human Design reveals your unique blueprint (body graph) that is calculated based on your exact time of birth, providing immense insight into who you are and even more importantly who you are not.

The first step is learning about your strategy that is based on your type of design. There are 4 types of people - generator, projector, manifestor & reflector - and each type has a specific strategy. Following your strategy is how you are designed to operate in the world with the most ease and the least resistance.

It is also about listening to your unique authority (which -- heads up -- is not your mind) that always knows what is correct for you. Your authority is also based on your design.

Human Design is the Science of Differentiation - how we are each fundamentally unique. This proven system is rooted in ancient & modern sciences - a synthesis of traditional Astrology, the Chakra System, the I Ching, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, as well as Quantum Physics.

It is not a religion or belief system, but rather a tool you can use to understand yourself.

But don’t take my word for it! The system is here for you to experiment with. Try it out for yourself to see if it is correct for you.

​Are you ready to begin your experiment?

“I am here to offer you the opportunity

to love yourself.

It is such a beautiful thing to discover

what it means truly to be you,

the richness of it, the depth of it,

how extraordinary it is

in its unique expression.

How different and precious it is.

It is a treasure.”

Ra Uru Hu, founder of Human Design