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Part self-paced education, part individual coaching, this Living Your Design class is an awakening journey in which you learn the basic mechanics of the human experience as mapped by the Human Design BodyGraph.

Through the LYD process, you begin to see the layers of conditioning that are holding you back from living out your unique potential.

This IHDS certified course teaches you the fundamental mechanics of The Human Design System including:

  • A deeper understanding of the strategies of the four aura types and how to embody correct interaction.

  • An explanation of the different authorities, including how you & the people in your life are designed to make decisions.

  • A detailed walk through of the nine centers of the BodyGraph – how they function, the corresponding biological systems, what you can consistently rely on through your definition and what contributes to the “not-self” mind.

  • Exercises for you to build your awareness of the “not-self” mind patterns that have been unconsciously running your life. 

  • Mechanical Foundations of Human Design

  • Four Types - Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector

  • Strategy & Authority

  • Pressure Centers: Head & Root

  • Awareness Centers: Spleen & Ajna

  • Awareness & Motor Center: Solar Plexus

  • Motor Centers: Sacral & Heart

  • Identity & Manifestation Centers: G & Throat

  • Definition (Single, Split, Triple Split, Quad Split & No Definition)


This material is delivered in pre-recorded videos for you to watch at your own pace.
When you are ready, you can book the 3 coaching sessions to discuss your questions and go deeper into your own experiment with the knowledge. 

Includes 7 pre-recorded videos and 3 coaching sessions (1 hour each)

Would you like to go on this journey together?

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